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Offering inspiration and motivation for the transitions in life, times when your company, organization or family needs help crossing or meeting half way. Speaker and author, Dr. O. Virginia Phillips teaches family as a model for solving interpersonal and organizational problems.

Virginia speaking at luncheonShe could be defined as a Bridge Builder, also a Trail BlazerReconcilerRestorerNurturer and a Facilitator of the Gifts and Abilities of Others. She believes in building relationships as a focus for encouragement, motivation and reaching one’s greatest potential. She has coordinated, designed, created and delivered inspirational and motivational programs for people from all walks of life, as well as to all types of communities, churches and government institutions. Her programs are meant to inspire and develop the best in people. Her primary focus is family–church family, one’s biological or extended family, or the community as family–and her emphasis is on healing and wholeness.

His Hands Extended Family Homes Network, homes for women, will be located in Oregon, Tennessee and Florida. Those who meet Dr. Phillips are captivated and blessed by her enthusiasm and acceptance of each person. She has a professional, yet down-to-earth, receptivity of each individual that she meets, whether in her daily life or in her seminars, conferences or retreats (which she calls “renewals.”)

Years of experience, accomplishments as a teacher, counselor, manager and parent provide Dr. Phillips with insight, expertise and sensitivity to motivate, inspire and encourage, to mend and to build–primarily to love.

VirginiaContactHeadshot-squareTo contact Dr. O. Virginia Phillips
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