We are celebrating our 20th Year in Ministry!!

Our Message

Dr. Phillps Wallet

Women of Purpose began as the vision of Dr. O. Virginia Phillips, in Portland, Oregon in December of 1993 to bring reconciliation, restoration and renewal to people of every cultural group, religious denomination or social status to represent a united body of Christ.

Our Vision


To build a fellowship of women and men bonded together in vision, character, value and purpose to affect our world for Jesus Christ through prayer, worship and Christian service – creating a network throughout the nations.

Our Leadership


Directorship of Women of Purpose, Int'l was officially given to Gloria Stidum at the Celebration Banquet, October 30, 2010. 

For fifteen years, Prophetess Gloria has been moving in the Directorship of Mentoring with the ministry, while continuing to teach, preach and use the many gifts that God has given her to move Women of Purpose forward in partnership with the founder.